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Empowering Change: your Path to Addictions Recovery Begins Here

At Addictions Recovery Singapore, we prioritize your journey to recovery. Our outpatient addiction rehab fosters a supportive environment where expert counseling plays a pivotal role in your recovery. Discover personalized programs tailored to address the complexities of addiction, guided by our compassionate team of experienced counselors. Begin your transformative path to lasting recovery with us.

"In every step towards wellness, we find strength together. Your journey is our commitment."

Empowering Your Path to Healing and Wellness

About Addictions Recovery

At Addictions Recovery, we are dedicated to facilitating transformative healing and support for individuals battling addiction. Our mission is to empower individuals on their journey to lasting recovery by providing compassionate outpatient care that includes intensive outpatient programs, personalized counselling, close monitoring, and urine supervision. Through a supportive and holistic approach, we aim to guide our clients towards sustained well-being, fostering a life free from the grasp of addiction.

Substance Abuse Recovery

Expert guidance for overcoming substance addictions, including alcohol and drugs, with strategies tailored for a healthier lifestyle

Behavioral Addiction Support

Personalized counseling for behavioral addictions like gambling and internet use, focusing on coping skills and sustainable recovery.

Comprehensive Support at Every Step

Explore our range of specialized teletherapy services

Tailored one-on-one sessions focusing on personal challenges and recovery goals.

Collaborative support in a safe, shared environment fostering mutual growth.

Intensive Outpatient Program with monitoring, therapy, urine supervisions, personalized counseling for comprehensive addiction recovery support.

Informative resources and workshops on addiction dynamics and coping strategies.

At Addictions Recovery, we blend advanced technology with empathetic care in our addiction treatment services, offering a nurturing and accessible healing journey from your home. Our commitment extends from initial consultations to ongoing support, ensuring a transformative experience that empowers your path to wellness.

What Sets Us Apart

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